So what's happening with the online store?

So what's happening with the online store?

Firstly, sorry to everyone for not being able to better communicate what's going on with the online store. Our attention has been pretty split up between the physical and online side of things. We definitely have not forgot about our long-time supporters of the online store and are definitely looking to continue supporting everyone with their TCG singles needs.

In terms of selection and stock, we certainly have not been able to keep up with all the latest sets upon release. We do apologize for the inconvenience to the same access of singles cards for our TCGs. Furthermore I apologize for all the delays in March and April to shipping out orders. We've recently expanded our team and this will no longer be an issue. Moving forward, you should expect the usual speedy delivery you would normally expect us to provide.

We've been a little behind on getting our Pokemon TCG stock onto the store, Both Shining Fates and Battle Styles have noticeably absent. Don't worry we've got the product ready to crack and sort and get onto the store as soon as possible. We'll be aiming to get at least Shining Fates onto the store by around this weekend and Battle Styles following not long after that.

For some of you newer customers who may have recently stumbled upon our physical store. We'll have our full selection of products, from board games, D&D and wargaming all onto the store soon. They're already in the system, we just need to input the weights for shipping and work out a few other minor logistics but it's definitely towards the top of our priorities.

We want to be able to offer you the best and widest selection of products available and also give you the ability to review our range of products from your home or digital device.

So, yeh. Expect a lot of little changes to our online store in the upcoming weeks. We will still have the same great selection of singles and service you normally expect from us, but will also be giving you the convenience of having a ton of other accesories and sealed products at your fingertips as well.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. We'll keep you all updated for the future.

4th May 2021 Jason Z

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