Metazoo Shipments & Delays - Update 23rd Oct

Metazoo Shipments & Delays - Update 23rd Oct

We've recently received a number of queries and emails regarding Metazoo 1st Edition Nightfall products and preorders. We've addressed the situation below.

When will Nighfall products release/ship?

1st Edition Metazoo Nightfall was not given an official release date by Metazoo Games. We were originally given a tentative release date of late October. However the USA release date of 22nd of October was never applicable to the Australian release.

Due to production and shipping limitations due to Covid-19, Metazoo Games has delayed the production and release of their products. This can be seen in the delay of products such as the Spellbooks in USA.

As a result the Australian release date has been delayed till end of November / December. Again, no official date has been given but it is more likely for the product to arrive in December.

We will ship all orders as soon as we receive them.

When and how will second part payments be made?

Once we receive a confirmed arrival/release date, we will start taking second part payments to any orders with second part payments due.

Payments will be made via a Paypal invoice to the email you made your order with. You will be able to process payment through the portal without a Paypal account and can pay via Paypal or bank/debit/credit card. At this stage expect these emails to occur around the 3rd week of November.

How long is shipment expected to take?

We've been upgrading our shipping options recently have recently implemented DHL as our new international courier. They currently offer the fastest shipping around the world. From recent trials in the last 2 weeks. We've had shipments to USA, Canda, Japan, New Zealand arriving in 1 week or less.

I'd like to cancel my order.

As stated on the pre-order page of all Metazoo products, we will not be issuing any refunds or cancellations.

23rd Oct 2021 Jason Z

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