MetaZoo Frequently Asked Questions

MetaZoo Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you to everyone for supporting our store. We've had a handful of people message us with questions. So here's a FAQ to answer any common questions.

Have you been given a guarantee/allocation

Yes, we've been given a guarantee on our order from the Australian Distributor, who have been given a number from Metazoo. We've emailed and called to confirm our numbers and they have locked it in for us.

Of course we're setting a solid margin of error in case of any last minute issues but we're well below this margin.

However this doesn't prevent extraordinary issues such as shipping delays and natural disasters from affecting the outcome. No one has much control if a shipping container sinks for example.

Do you ship internationally

Yes. Shipping will be calculated on checkout. Unfortunately Australia does not have many options for international shipping and so the price is quite high. However we do package items well so items will not be damaged during shipping.

Common countries we regularly ship to include

New Zealand






How will the balance be paid (for items with 50% deposits)

Closer to the release date, about 2-3 weeks beforehand we'll send an invoice out via Paypal for the balance. You can pay with your card or via your Paypal account. (Paypal isn't required to pay via card)

2nd Sep 2021 Jason Z

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