Digimon Double Diamond & Starter Decks Delayed

Digimon Double Diamond & Starter Decks Delayed

We hope everyone has been keeping safe during the recent lockdowns. We've just found out from our distributors that the next set BT-6 Double Diamond, ST-7 Gallantmon, ST-8 Veedramon starter decks have all be delayed world wide.

However Australia will still be one of the first regions to receive this product.

BT-6 has only been delayed 1 week and now officially releases on the 15th of October. We will still be running prerelease events at the store/online, so players will still be able to pick up their packs and boxes 1 week ahead of release date 8th of October.

The two new starter decks have been delayed to October 29th however unfortunately.

We can confirm we will be receiving the usual Dash Pack with BT-6, you'll receive 2 new dash packs with every booster box you purchase from us. You'll also receive a prerelease promo pack for every 2 booster boxes with us as well.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you back at the store soon.

18th Sep 2021 Jason Z

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